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We know that the lives of addicts and alcoholics are overwhelming.  We also know the process of finding or getting your loved one into the right treatment center can be difficult.  No matter what you or your loved ones needs are, we are here every step of the way: intervention, detox, residential treatment, sober living, and beyond.

“Finding the treatment options that caters to your personal recovery journey is our mission.”

Here are the different levels of care, in order to get you or your loved one rooted into their recovery.  

Detox is the first step for most people on their path to recovery and we understand the withdrawal process can be physically and mentally overwhelming. Thankfully we have a network of detox facilities that can relieve some of the symptoms with the right medications and counseling. Whether struggling with alcohol, opiates, heroin, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, methamphetamines, cocaine, or synthetic drugs there is a detox program to meet your needs. We will help find the right detox program for you including clinically/medically managed, holistic detox, or hospitalization.

Inpatient Treatment, also called residential treatment, is the best chance you or loved one has to get clean and sober. Inpatient treatment offers 24/7 supervised care, peer support groups, counseling, dual diagnosis treatment, and relapse prevention techniques.​ The right facility will provide you with the tools you need to have a successful chance at long term recovery. We work closely with some of the best facilities in the nation in order to find the best fit for your needs including 12 step based, faith based, spiritual recovery, couples rehab, and even pet-friendly facilities.  Whatever your specific needs are, we can help.​

Outpatient Treatment offers the same support as inpatient treatment but the individual is responsible for going to therapy and groups at the facility on their own, This may be the right choice for those individuals looking for help but consider themselves “functioning addicts/alcoholics”. There may be specific reasons inpatient treatment won’t work for you in your busy life, but you still want help. Let us help you find an outpatient program today.

Contact us today.  Recovery is possible.

Our team of intervention specialists are ready to help you and your loved one.

Interventions can be a successful opportunity for an individual to accept help in taking the first steps toward their recovery. Often involving family, friends and loved ones, directly confronting the addict is the only way for someone to see the effects their addiction is having on those around them. If you feel like this might be the last hope in saving the life of a loved one, we are here to help, Call one of our addiction specialists today.

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