Transitional Housing in Orange County,


At Sacred Roots Recovery we work hard to provide a safe, structured environment for our residents to grow mentally and spiritually.

It is our goal to be able to help residents from all walks of life with everything from life skills, employment opportunities, and most importantly, building healthy relationships in the recovery community and to learn to live again, free from addiction.

beautiful sober living orange county sacred roots recovery

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Structured Housing Environment

We currently offer multiple houses, all of which are located in beautiful Southern California.  Each house is managed by qualified team members, who are deeply rooted in the recovery community.  Get the latest pictures of our houses and amenities on Facebook and Instagram.

beautiful sober living orange county sacred roots recovery


What people are saying …

  • I came to Sacred Roots Recovery in Jan 2018 and this is my first time living in transitional housing. I was nervous to come at first. But Brett, Justin, and the house managers welcomed me with open arms.  Each one of them made me feel at home and made me a part of their family.     This was a wonderful feeling, since I haven't had a family in a long time.   Getting help was the best decision I have ever made.   Whenever I have a problem or need to talk, everyone is there from me, from Justin and Brett, my house managers, to all the girls in my house.  I am so blessed to have these people in my life.   I am truly grateful to be able to call them friends and a family.   Thank you guys for believing in me, and being here for me.  I am so lucky to be at Sacred Roots Recovery.  

    Love, Patricia
  • "I think the new house is amazing.  Everyone here is serious about recovery and their program.  Each resident, team members, and house staff at Sacred Roots Recovery - they  truly inspire me to do my best."  #thankyousacredroots

  • "Thank you for the opportunity to progress in my sobriety.  Sacred Roots gives me the tools and resources needed to succeed in my recovery, despite my fears and doubts that impede my recovery progress."  Thank you!  #blessed

  • "The people at Sacred Roots Recovery will do anything possible to make it comfortable, and help you to succeed in your sobriety.  They care about every detail, in their houses, the clients, and the house staff.  Thank you Sacred Roots, your house is a gift."

  • I'm so grateful that I'm not scared of my past and willing to let it go. You are a huge part of my recovery and I want you to know that today I am a woman of dignity and that I care myself with respect not only because I represent sacred roots but I am a walking talking example of what the AA program can do for anyone and it's because of people like you that believed in me. Thank you.

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